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Youre planing an event and you’re thinking about booking a professional host? Let us take care of it.

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Alter Ego Productions has multiple hosts who will shurely satisfy your needs for professional corporate hosting, no matter the theme and the size of your event.


Our hosts will Highlight your business or your organisation and also the event you’re planning . They will set the tone required weither it should be funny, serious or anything in between acording to your needs.


When you’re planing an event, the hosting part is essential. A professional host will enshure the succes of your event, And share your business message while entertaining your guests.

Regardless of the type of corporate hosting that you’re looking for, we have the professional host that you need.

You’re planning a convention ? a product or a brand lunch ? A professional host will make shure that your event goes as planned acording to your expectations.


Or are you planing a business reunion or a cocktail ? A professional host will give you the time to enjoy the event with your collegues.


also, it’s essential to plan ahead, just to make shure you covered all the angles and all there is to consider, our experience is at your service to make shure your event is a success.

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Feel free to browse our list of professional hosts on our website. Also know that we are here to help you with each and every option available for your event from our artist talent and professional host catalog to the very specific technical details, you can count on our expertise.

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