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Are you looking for a DJ/host for yourevent? Put your trust in the team at Alter Ego Productions and find the perfect DJ/host who will surpass your expectations.


A DJ/host is without a doubt the best way to bring a party-like atmosphere throughout your event.


DJ/hostWe most likely work with the DJ/host  that you need. We have multiple proven partners in this field with the experience necessary to oblige your guests’ special requests.


Do you wish to tailor the music to each portion of your event? No problem. Your DJ/Host  can offer different musical styles to fit every moment of the gathering, from the cocktail and dinner to the late-night dance.


Also, when hiring a DJ/Host  not only are you insuring appropriate and quality music for your evening, but also the services of a qualified master of ceremony to entertain your guest.


To impress your guests even more, a DJ/host can alternate the musical ambiance with a band. either playing in-between sets or offering music throughout the night.


If you are looking for a DJ/host , we got it ! Contact us to get in touch with the one who will meet with your demands.